Michelle Wolf Makes the Case That Netflix's True Crime Documentaries Are Huge Waste of Time

The comedian offers up a brilliant parody of true crime documentaries like “Making a Murderer” and “The Staircase” on the latest episode of her Netflix series “The Break.”

Getting ready to settle down and binge that latest true crime documentary? Michelle Wolf says it’s a total waste of time to watch beyond when the husband gets accused of the wife’s murder.

Spoiler alert: He did it.

In Sunday’s episode of her topical Netflix series, "The Break," the comedian offered up her own take on the popular genre called, "The Husband Did it." And it’s totally about how the husband did it.

See, he gets arrested in the first episode and that’s when it’s over, except that it never is. Instead, the story meanders along for nine more episodes with a bunch of people talking about how the husband probably did it, but he totally says he didn’t do it. But why is he always in closeup shot?

Is it because he actually did do it and he’s being filmed in jail? Of course it is. Everything else was misdirection and red herrings to keep you watching!

The parody is also a pretty spot-on parody of the more recent Netflix documentary series "The Staircase," except that it’s just a little more obvious who did it. There’s an art to good misdirection.

Just as she brilliantly took down her fellow talk show hosts for their tired and formulaic political segments, Wolf fearlessly and masterfully dissects a genre that her own network is doing quite well with to show how manipulative they are.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. Yeah, the husband did it.

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