Naveen Kasturia on Aspirants: There is something unique about the show that people have loved

Naveen Kasturia talks about the success of Aspirants, how Pitchers would have performed today and his upcoming series Runaway Lugaai.

Actor Naveen Kasturia believes that “if you get great parts, you make people believe that you are good” and it is this modesty on his part that is evident in his work. The actor is on cloud nine and enjoying the success of his latest web series Aspirants, but believes that he is “super lucky that shows like Aspirants have come to me.” In a chat with, Naveen explained that even though he really enjoyed the script of the show, it is nearly impossible to gauge how something will perform. However, the success of the show has left him feeling “blessed.”

This was Naveen’s second collaboration on a TVF web series after Pitchers, which is said to be one of the torchbearers of the web revolution in India. “I was quite desperate to work with TVF. I liked the script and my part but again, it’s impossible to know how something will perform,” he shared.

Naveen Kasturia also acknowledged that he was fearful that some might compare Aspirants to Kota Factory. He shared, “In my head, I thought some beats are similar to Pitchers and though I haven’t seen Kota Factory, I felt like Kota Factory is also about the education system and people trying to crack an entrance exam. Those were the fears but I am very happy that people have loved the show so much. There are comparisons but only in a good way. There is something unique about Aspirants that people have loved. I wanted this to do well. I am very happy that people have loved the show.”

Naveen has been a presence in the web space even before the OTTs took over the Indian content market and reflecting on his journey of the past 5-6 years, he said, “I’m not saying that if Pitchers had come today it wouldn’t have done well but when it came out, there were hardly any other shows (on the web) and it was a new thing for people to watch, a full-fledged web show on YouTube,” he said.

The actor is all set to embark on his next journey and this time, he is playing a judge in a District Court in the MX Player series Runaway Lugaai. Set in Patna, Runaway Lugaai is a comedy series that stars Naveen Kasturia and Sanjay Mishra in the lead roles. “He shares a very unconventional relationship with his father (played by Mishra),” shared Naveen about his character. The plot of Runaway Lugaai has Rajinikanth Sinha, Naveen’s character, looking for his newlywed bride, who goes missing soon after the wedding. “He also evolves as a person. He comes out of the shadow of his father. It’s about his journey, his evolution. It sounds pretty intense right now but it is a light comedy.  I think people are going to have fun while watching the show,” Naveen said.

Naveen said that one of the reasons why he chose this project, was to work with Sanjay Mishra. He said, “That was one of the reasons that I wanted to do this part. He is a legend.” He added, “When you are on set, even when you are not acting, you just learn so much by watching him. The way he approaches his parts, and the kind of ease he has while performing is something I need to learn. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. Everyone on the set was very fond of him. He was probably the most liked guy on the set. I really enjoyed working with him.”

Runaway Lugaai starts streaming on MX Player on May 18.

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