‘Pradeepda was a grown-up child with the vision of a genius’

It was one of the best films in his career. And he did it with Pradeep Sarkar, who passed into the ages on March 24.

“It wasn’t a big success but Lafange Parindey was an experience I will never forget. It’s not only one of my best films but also Deepika Padukone’s though it is not recognised as such,” Neil Nitin Mukesh tells Subhash K Jha.

The film featured his first onscreen kiss.

“I was very nervous and had, in fact, refused to do the scene. Even in Johnny Gaddar, I had refused to kiss during an intimate sequence.

“I was a virgin kisser on camera. Pradeepda had to use every possible power of persuasion before I agreed. He first suggested a peck but I was finally persuaded to do a long, torrid smooch. If I seemed comfortable doing it when you watched it onscreen, Pradeepda was responsible.”

Neil gets sentimental remembering Pradeep Sarkar.

“I’ll always remember him as that grown-up child with the vision of a genius. He was full of life, energy and positivity.

“He was a devoted husband and brother. My prayers with his family in these trying times.

“God has taken one of our most brilliant cinematic creators.”

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