Salman’s Godfather Act for Chiranjeevi

Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi has a lot riding on his next release, Godfather.

His last film Acharya, where he co-starred with son Ram Charan, bombed.

For Godfather, Chiranjeevi has teamed up with old friend Salman Khan to ensure a pan-India audience.

What was supposed to be a guest appearance, then an ‘extended cameo’ for Salman, has now become a full-fledged role.

A reliable source from Hyderabad informs Subhash K Jha that Salman’s role was extended as per the need of the hour.

“Salman had a dance with Chiranjeevi sir, and a few dialogues. Now, he is playing a full-fledged role in Godfather. If you have seen the Malayalam original film Lucifer on which Godfather is based, then Salman plays the role that Prithviraj played.”

Mohanlal played the role that Chiranjeevi plays in the remake.

Salman is not only partnering with Chiranjeevi on screen, he will also present the film in the Hindi belt.

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