Shiv Thakare Wants Your Blessings

‘I will perform every stunt like it is my last.’

When Shiv Thakare appeared on MTV Roadies Rising in 2017 he was a novice in the television world.

He slowly built up an audience base for himself through his hatke presence and subsequently won the second season of Bigg Boss Marathi in 2019.

His popularity was further amplified with Bigg Boss 16, which made him a household name.

Shiv couldn’t win that show, but he emerged as one of the most interesting players in the game.

He will now be seen as one of the 14 contestants in the action-packed reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi 13.

With back-to-back hit shows, how is Shiv adjusting to his newly-found reality TV star image? He tells Mayur Sanap/, “Earlier, reality TV stars used to be limited to TV only. Maybe I would be able to break that notion and hopefully, you will see me on the big screen soon.”

What excited him about KKK?

The show was on my wishlist. When I was approached by the channel, I just told them I am ready.

On his phobias

I am scared of everything right from water and heights to snakes and cockroaches!

I am going there with a bulky physique.

But I know for sure that I would be able to perform when I am in that moment. And, of course, Rohit Shetty sir will also be there.

On losing Bigg Boss 16

I felt disheartened. I thought why does this happen to me?

But I think I always have to wait for good things to come to me. Patience is the key.

For KKK, I didn’t have to wait for very long. I value this opportunity and I will perform every stunt like it is my last.

You can never predict who would perform well in this show. Divyanka ma’am (Tripathi) is a good example of this. She did extremely well.

On his action plan for the show

I hope to strike up a good friendship with my fellow contestants. Otherwise, it would be difficult to spend 50 days.

We will enjoy this time together while doing stunts. They are anyway just 14 contestants and all of them are lovely.

On his favorite contestants from previous seasons

I followed the show in fits and starts.

Divyanka ma’am was great, like I said earlier. I recently watched Jannat Zubair’s underwater stunts after hearing so much about it. She performed so well.

Tejasswi (Prakash) also did great underwater stunts.

And Arjun (Bijlani) was good as well.

On his mental prep for the show

I am not afraid of injuries. They are like a medal. Injuries are normal for all of us, it’s common in our day-to-day life as well.

On Rohit Shetty

He is a great host and motivator. Sir has a way that lets you finish the task even if you are scared. We are lucky that our host is Rohit sir.

On his reality TV star image

I don’t want to wait for film offers. I am making the most of this time. I am choosing work based on what I am being offered at the moment.

Earlier, reality TV stars used to be limited to TV only. Maybe I would be able to break that notion and hopefully, you will see me on the big screen soon. I hope to strike a balance between TV and films.

His message to his fans

Just pray for us. Only blessings will work now.

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