Telugu Actress Got Cheated By A Nigerian Conman

Actress Sonakshi Varma is popular for some low budgeted Telugu films and also some Telugu web series on YouTube. And this actress has now lodged a case with Hyderabad Cyber Crime officials after a Nigerian conned her to the tune of 85 thousand rupees.

A user named Merrin Kirk is said to have befriended this actress on Facebook and used to chat with her for a long time. As a token of appreciation for this friendship, Merrin promised to send a gift to Sonakshi over a courier. And a week ago, an officer who posed as a Customs person from Delhi airport has called Sonakshi, to say that she got a gift but an import duty of Rs 85000 should be paid in order the gift to be delivered.

And our actress has deposited the said amount in an account number shared by that caller. Later, the phone was switched off and Sonakshi never got that gift even after a week, at which she realised that she got cheated.

Even after reading about many such frauds, especially being done by some Nigerian offenders in India, we wonder how come a heroine who’s present so much on social media got cheated like this.

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