Tiger Shroff vs Disha Patani vs Jackie Shroff: Krishna Shroff predicts who will win this dance-off

Krishna Shroff talks about growing up with Tiger Shroff and how Jackie Shroff's Bollywood legacy is unmatchable.

With his roundhouse kicks and amazing agility, have you ever wondered why Tiger Shroff didn’t try sports before films? As Krishna Shroff, Tiger’s sister and actor Jackie Shroff’s daughter, reveals, sports was always the young actor’s first choice, with Bollywood as a ‘fall back option’.

“I don’t think Tiger had the inclination to be an actor. He wanted to pursue sports as a career,” Krishna said, adding that “Acting was something that he happened to fall back on. It was always in the back of his mind.”

Krishna agrees that the decision to become an actor “worked out so amazingly for him” though. “He is absolutely killing it. He is so happy doing what he does,” she said about her brother.

But we wondered what was keeping Krishna away from the world of cinema. “Bollywood didn’t seem like a place for me. Maybe when I am old and bored, I will give it a try. Right now, I have many things I feel passionate and excited about. I don’t like to put my eggs in one basket. I love to explore and do different things. Seeing my brother doing the same, delving into the world of music and exploring his passion, is inspiring. It motivates me to do something different. So, Bollywood is not even on my radar,” she said.




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However, she is sure that a collaboration with Tiger is quite possible in the future, “You would probably see me collaborate on a song with Tiger before you see me in a film with him. I think I have a good voice but haven’t dared to sing in front of anyone.”

But while growing up, how did she handle the pressure of being Jackie’s daughter? “Can you imagine growing up with Tiger Shroff being your older brother? The amount of pressure and expectation. Having to live up to not just the standard of Jackie Shroff but also Tiger Shroff is just insane. It is unmatchable.” When asked if she thought she would be compared to Jackie Shroff and Tiger Shroff after her on-screen debut with her recently release track ‘Kinni Kinni Vaari’, Krishna said the comparisons would have been “unfair.”




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“What my father created for himself and has done till date is unmatchable. What Tiger has done in such a short span is so impressive. So, it is not fair to compare Tiger with our father or me with any of the two. We both are different individuals. I chose my own path, which is similar but different. There is room for everyone. So, people should live and let live,” the 28-year-old responded.

Krishna also admitted that she doesn’t watch Hindi films or listen to Hindi music.

“The only Bollywood films I have watched are of my father. Back in the day, my parents would put me to bed and think I was asleep but I would sneak out, go to my grandmother’s room late at night. She and I would put on my dad’s movies and watch them together. Now, Tiger has taken over that. Now, you will only see me watching his films. I am so floored by everything he does. He is so different. There is nobody like him. I just watch to draw inspiration from him,” Krishna admitted.

“Till today, I would say there is no actor like Jackie Shroff. When it comes to emoting, my father is the absolute best. I loved him in Brothers. He portrayed his role so well. When it comes to Tiger, it is hard to pick one but I loved Baaghi 2 for its story. I watched the film at its premiere. Ten minutes into it, I was sobbing, which doesn’t happen often with me. It also happened with War. I think in War, the director gave him a character that had a scope to perform,” Krisha told us while talking about her favourite performances by Tiger and Jackie Shroff.

On a lighter note, we asked who probably is going to win a dance battle – Krishna, Tiger, Disha Patani or Jackie Shroff – “A hundred per cent dad. Not because he is the best dancer, Tiger is skilled to another level, but dad can let loose, be free and not get bothered by what people will think of him,” Krishna chuckled.




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Before wrapping up the conversation, we asked Krishna about the pressures of being a star kid. “People talk about nepotism and how star kids have everything on a silver platter. We do, I agree. But once you get it, it is hard to keep it. There are so many expectations (from star kids). People expect you to be great because of the legacy your parents had before you, which is unfair. I don’t blame people for thinking that we have it easy, but they need to understand that while we get opportunities, it takes a lot of hard work to create our own identity and steer away from the massive legacy of our parents,” said Krishna as she signed off.

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