What Vijay Deverakonda’s Mom Calls Him

‘I love telling stories, and I love telling them to huger audiences and big auditoriums.’
‘And what better auditorium than India?’

It’s not everyday that a Bollywood superstar introduces you to the audience.

Vijay Devarakonda did have that pleasure when Ranveer Singh made way for possibly the Next Action Superstar.

The Liger trailer launch was a grand affair, and Afsar Dayatar/Rediff.com shows us just why that was.


Ranveer and Vijay flank Ananya Panday in a dance.

Vijay ends it by kissing Ananya on the cheek, but Ranveer walks off.

When Ananya follows him, asking for that kiss, he replies, ‘Mera shaadi ho gaya!


Has anyone ever proposed to Karan Johar?

Has he proposed to anyone?

The Liger producer has interesting answers, and he says it here.


“I can’t multi-task, I get very confused. It’s easy if I do just one film at a time. That’s my capacity and capability,” Vijay says.

And then he gets an offer he probably can’t refuse.

“If I get Vijay and Ranveer in a film together, I would direct it in a heartbeat,” Karan says. “If they say yes to a film, I would sign them in this moment.”

How do the actors react? Watch this to see.


How did Vijay feel when he shot with Mike Tyson?

Producer Charmy Kaur reveals how Vijay’s mommy would call her multiple times to inquire ahow Chinnu — as Vijay’s mother calls him — was holding up to the boxing legend.


Scenes from the trailer launch:

Ranveer makes a Ranveer entrance.


When Ranveer and Vijay get together.


Ananya joins Vijay and Ranveer, who she goes ‘crazy every time she sees him!’


Karan greets Director Puri Jagannath, as Charmy Kaur looks on.

Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar

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