42 Dugg Links with Lil Baby, Drops 'Go Again' Track After Prison Release

42 Dugg‘s wasting no time delivering his first song since getting outta prison … the Detroit rapper is already celebrating his “first day out” with a new track!!!

We previously reported Yo Gotti took Dugg straight to the studio after he was sprung free after serving over a year for illegal gun possession, and Monday we got the end result … the defiant “Go Again” single, giving fans the impression he kept his pen sharp while behind bars.

The Diesel Films video captures more footage of Gotti and Dugg’s initial exchange before he reunited with his other exec connect, none other than Lil Baby.

Dugg & Baby At Magic City

The “We Paid” rappers picked up like they never left … parting ways with plenty of cash inside Magic City for the hard-working dancers.

03 Greedo suggested Dugg apply pressure to the recording booth when we spoke to him about the prison release and it’s clear he’s doing just that!!!

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