Alison Hammond left in fits of laughter during The GBBO debut

Alison Hammond admits Prue Leith ‘absolutely killed her’ with hilarious line that left her in fits of laughter during Bake Off debut after contestant chose unusual cake design

Alison Hammond is set to bring a lot of laughter to this years series.

And already the This Morning presenter has cried of laughter over a contestants choice of cake design in its first episode, which airs Tuesday.

The TV personality, 48, is left in fits of laughter when a baker chose to recreate a beaver as a cake during the animal-themed challenge.

According to The Mirror, Alison said the laughter was brought on by Prue Leith, 83, as she asked the contestant: ‘Tell me about your beaver’.

Alison told the publication: ‘I’ve never crumbled to the floor as quickly as when I heard Prue say that. Prue absolutely killed me. It was the delivery of the line – it was the best I’ve ever seen.’

Joker: Alison Hammond, 48, is left in fits of laughter when a baker choose to recreate a beaver as cake during the animal-themed challenge, which airs Tuesday

Hilarious: The This Morning presenter has cried of laughter over a contestants choice of cake design in its first episode after Prue Leith’s hilarious comment

Last week Alison revealed that she ‘put on a stone’ while filming for the show after eating the cakes on set.

Host Alison, Prue, and celebrity chef Paul Hollywood, 57, revealed what went down during the first week in the bake-off tent. 

Paul revealed the ‘big mistake’ Alison made, he said to OK! Magazine : ‘You (Alison) did make a mistake in the first week and went round and ate everything! You said, “I am never doing that ever again.”

Alison then replied: ‘I have put on a stone. I couldn’t believe it. I am literally going running tomorrow! I am just going to get bigger!’

Elsewhere in the interview, Alison told OK! Magazine she was ‘chuffed’ to be teaming up with Noel Fielding to host the show this year.

When asked how ‘chuffed’ she was to land the job, Alison replied, ‘Really chuffed. I didn’t realise how much I wanted it until I had to audition with Noel! My son was really excited as well. He loves Bake Off.’

Alison previously admitted she was ‘so embarrassed’ by her weight when she weighed more than 20 stone, and joined Weight Watchers in 2019 to focus on her health.

Recently, the TV star admitted she is trolled on a daily basis about her size but refuses to slim down for others as she likes taking up ‘a little bit of extra space in the world’.

Hysterics: Alison said the laughter was brought on by Prue, 83, as she asked the contestant ‘Tell me about your beaver’

Life on the GBBO: Last week Alison revealed that she ‘put on a stone’ while filming for the show after eating the cakes on set (right pictured in 2019)

Opening up: Alison said: ‘I have put on a stone. I couldn’t believe it. I am literally going running tomorrow! I am just going to get bigger!’

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly and her daughter Rosie Smith on the What If? podcast, Alison said she is going to try and eat healthier to avoid knee pain but added ‘we’re all going to die eventually’.

She vowed to live her life to the ‘fullest’ and promised that she was going to have a ‘wonderful life’ in the candid chat.

Alison, who is loved for her sunny disposition, said she wanted to prioritise her health and wellbeing whilst juggling her on-the-go lifestyle.

She said: ‘My WW journey is focused on getting healthier for myself. I feel rubbish when I don’t eat properly or exercise and WW helps me with what I eat and do.

‘I know I’ll also lose weight by following the WW programme, but that’s not the be-all and end-all for me.

‘I want my journey to empower others to think about making changes to their lifestyle to become the best version of themselves.’

The 14th season of Great British Bake Off will commence on Tuesday, 26th September, at 8pm on Channel 4, and 12 budding bakers will head to the iconic tent.

And its collection of contestants are likely to keep viewers entertained over the coming weeks, with each coming from wildly contrasting professional and social backgrounds.

The Great British Bake Off presenters have learnt sign language as the show welcomes its first ever deaf contestant, while one man takes inspiration for his bakes from the converted church he lives in, and another baked his own three-tier, 12-layer 21st birthday cake.

They also come with a range of different vocational skills, including an intelligence analyst, a chartered accountant, retired airline cabin crew and a student.



Age: 27

Occupation: Participation officer

From: Bristol

Bake Off presenters have learnt sign language as the show welcomes its first ever deaf contestant. 

Tasha, 27, is a participation officer from Bristol and will be joining the show with her BSL interpreter, Daryl. 

She said: ‘When I had the Zoom call to tell me I was one of the 12, I cried. Daryl also cried. We were a mess.’ 


Age: 43 

Occupation: Deli and grocery manager

From: North London

Amos describes his bakes as a labour of love – his style is colourful and chic with keen attention to detail, and he loves exploring different flavour profiles. 

He compares his baking style to the converted church that he now lives in, calling both his style and home ‘traditional with a modern twist’.


Age: 21

Occupation: University student 

From: West Yorkshire

‘Go big, or go home’ is student Rowan’s motto, and one that he has always applied to his bakes. 

A student of English literature, when he’s not writing up a storm, Rowan is also a keen host, applying his creative eye to his cooking. 


Age: 27

Occupation: Vegetable grower and delivery driver

From: Cumbria

A lover of the great outdoors, she forages for seasonal ingredients and puts her homegrown veg to good use. 

Abbi’s bakes aim to combine comfort and familiarity with a strong nod towards nature, and a feeling of creating something magical – bakes with a touch of fairytale.


Age: 33

Occupation: PA

From: East London

For Cristy, life with four children means that there always seems to be a birthday to bake for and an exciting party to plan. 

She describes her baking style as enchanted and pretty – bakes that conjure up a sense of childhood. 


Age: 42

Occupation: Civil engineering resource planner

From: Cheshire

Perfectionist Dan loves a baking challenge and will often find the hardest bake in one of his 300 cook books. 

When he’s not baking, he loves to play football with his two young sons or forage for edible treats in the countryside. 


Age: 25

Occupation: Database administrator

From: Essex

She loves a semi-naked cake with neat lines, pretty piping and minimalist decoration; and although she likes to keep her flavours safe, Dana will often incorporate a twist or two, adding in familiar spices associated with her Indian heritage. 


Age: 27

Occupation: Post-doctoral research associate

From: Leicestershire

Post-doctoral research associate Josh is a chemist by trade and brings his scientist’s precision and keenness to experiment into the kitchen, taking careful notes on each part of the baking process. 


Age: 60

Occupation: Chartered accountant

From: Hampshire

Keith has a penchant for apple pies and fairy cakes – which he learned to bake with his mum.

The treats form the baking backdrop to Keith’s childhood, along with his mum’s love for traditional dishes from her home in Malta. 


Age: 28

Occupation: PE and science teacher

From: Cambridgeshire

He describes his style as rustic but neat, and his flavour preferences as quite traditional – he particularly loves chocolate, citrus and nuts. 

Once his days in the tent are over, his nex challenge will be to make his own wedding cake.


Age: 52

Occupation: Retired cabin crew and volunteer

From: West Midlands

Her favourite bakes are pastries, but she also loves making  fun birthday cakes for her niece and grandchildren. 

When she’s not baking, Nicky volunteers for a pet-therapy charity along with her dog Bracken and loves to ski, which she has been doing since she was only three years old.


Age: 50

Occupation: Intelligence analyst

From: Herefordshire

At her family home in Sri Lanka, Saku didn’t have an oven until she was 18, so she turned to baking only when she moved with her husband to the UK, in 2003. 

Self-taught, she relishes using her homegrown ingredients from her vegetable patch. 

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