Bob Mortimer says he only goes out ‘twice a year’ in rare family insight

Bob Mortimer reflects on having open heart surgery

Bob Mortimer told Gavin and Stacey’s Rob Brydon that he prefers to stay at home as they reflected on navigating life in the public eye.

Speaking on Rob’s podcast, the Vic and Bob star pondered whether the “greatest thing” about being famous is that fans will approach them on the street to say hello.

Rob, 58, joked: “We’re always laughing because if we go out, people will say nice things to me and when it is in front of your family who don’t live with the smiley, cheery guy, they must be going, ‘Oh God, not again’.”

Bob, 64, went on during their chat in 2021: “Say you were having a miserable night with your family, because it happens, the chat’s not flowing, something has gone wrong, but if a stranger comes up and says hi, you switch it on.”

Rob joked: “I’m terrible like that and I can see my family going, ‘Oh if you only knew’. But it’s no different if you were to bump into people you know, you would turn it on wouldn’t you, you wouldn’t carry on in your slightly grumpy manner.”

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Bob replied: “Yes but I think your family will accept that, but when it’s a stranger, it’s kind of an insult to your family.”

Rob, who recently made a cameo in the Barbie movie, asked the Gone Fishing star if women say to his wife, Lisa Matthews: ‘Oh, it must be brilliant, it must be a laugh, it must be so much fun.”

Bob said: “I mean, I don’t go out… I go out two, three times a year, something like that. That’s all.”

A shocked Rob asked Bob to explain what he meant, to which he expanded: “So, I like Rufus Wainwright, for example, so if he is in the country I will go and see him. I might do the same for Squeeze.”

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Bob and Lisa first got together in 1993 and welcomed two children: Harry and Tom.

Despite their long-lasting romance, they did not tie the knot until 2015, just minutes before he underwent triple bypass surgery.

In 2016, Bob recalled being told his arteries were nearly fully blocked up and he was given permission by a London registrar to marry Lisa earlier than planned.

He told Teesside Live: “I found out on the Thursday that I needed surgery, so I made a will on the Friday.

“I found out I couldn’t get married to Lisa because you have to give 21 days’ notice or something.

“My consultant said I was incredibly ill, so the registrar in London gave me permission to get married on the Monday.

“So I got married at 9.30am on the Monday, and went to hospital at 10am to have my operation.”

The ceremony was a small affair with just their children present. Bob’s comedy partner Vic Reeves was unfortunately not present at the time to be his best man.

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