Dawn French shares health update from hospital bed after undergoing major surgery

Dawn French has shared an update with her fans as she recovers in hospital following major surgery on her knee.

The actress and comedian, 66, took to Instagram on Wednesday, 22 November to say she now has a "new knee" and is beginning the healing process.

"It's done. New knee is in. Now we start the healing…," Dawn captioned a photograph of her leg in badges as she lay in a hospital bed.

Earlier in November, Dawn was forced to postpone her upcoming tour dates after suffering a setback with arthritis in her knee. She told fans she would be undergoing surgery "sooner than planned" as the pain had become unbearable.

The 66 year old told her fans: “Hello folks. It's with a massively heavy heart and furious that I have to admit defeat and postpone all of my remaining tour dates from tonight onwards. My stupid selfish ol' arthritic knee has totally given up & won't let me walk.

"I am swearing a lot. I am bereft to let you down. Sorry. On the upside, I can have the op I so desperately need, earlier than planned. Ouch. And sorry again. We are working hard to reschedule all the dates. Bear with…”

Dawn suffers from rheumatoid arthritis in her knee, which she previously admitted had stopped her walking her dog "a long way".

Speaking to Radio Times in December 2020, Dawn said: "It’s a privilege to get older, but it’s not for wusses. Things go a bit wrong… your rheumatoid arthritis knee stops you walking your dog a long way every morning, you know you’ve got to have a little op on that at some point, and you’ve got to take six weeks off…

"But ultimately, it ain’t so bad. Your teeth are a bit yellower, your chin has sagged, you’re fatter, you’re greyer."

Dawn had an accident at work 14 years ago whilst recreating an iconic moment from the Vicar of Dibley. Dawn attempted to recreate the moment during an appearance on Paul O’Grady's talk show in 2009, however it went wrong and the actress injured herself.

She recalled the life-changing moment in her one-woman show this year, explaining how a 10ft-high hill had been constructed out of scaffolding and AstroTurf, with a drop long enough for Dawn to "disappear into" to recreate the stunt.

"Then some bright spark had the idea of having a shallow silicon membrane containing two inches of water on top of that. As I jumped through, the water would splash up and look like a deep puddle," she explained, according to MailOnline.

She added: “But what was I falling onto? The answer is absolutely nothing. Except for 10ft below, there were two very thin crash mats in a film studio with a flat concrete floor. Any fool would know this was a disaster in the making. Any fool but me. I landed very heavily."

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