ET: The vibe was off between Jodie Turner Smith & Joshua Jackson in the past month

Something I didn’t realize before this week is that Jodie Turner Smith really isn’t on Twitter anymore – she got chased off in March 2022, when she tweeted some sh-t about how Will Smith slapping Chris Rock gave her “second hand embarrassment for all involved.” She was accused of playing respectability politics, and Black Twitter dragged her for everything, including marrying a white man and enjoying Slave Play. She deleted her Twitter but kept her Instagram. Then there was a kerfuffle in September 2022 where Jodie and Joshua unfollowed each other, then eventually re-followed each other on Instagram. Now Entertainment Tonight has some added details about all of the “signs” Jodie and Joshua were headed for divorce.

Things have been rocky between Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith, with a source now shedding light on the former couple’s “issues” leading up to their split.

“Jodie and Joshua have been having issues lately,” a source told ET on Monday. “They celebrated Jodie’s birthday on Sept. 9 at The Flower Shop in NYC, but arrived separately and left separately. It was a big party and they were distant throughout the night and barely around each other. Jodie spent majority of the evening downstairs.”

On Monday, Turner-Smith filed for divorce from the Dawson’s Creek alum after three years of marriage, citing “irreconcilable differences.” She listed the date of separation as Sept. 13 and is seeking joint custody of their three-year-old daughter, Juno Rose Diana Jackson. Jackson and Turner-Smith met in 2018 and officially married in December 2019. They welcomed their only child in April 2020.

Rumors of a rift between the 45-year-old Fatal Attraction star and the 37-year-old Murder Mystery 2 actress surfaced last September, when eagle-eyed fans reportedly noted that the stars had appeared to unfollow — and then re-follow — each other on Instagram. Just two months later, they were seen walking arm-in-arm at an after-party for The Fashion Awards in London, England.

Their body language appeared cooler during their last public outing together, as they attended the unveiling of the new fully electric Lotus Emeya on Sept. 7 in New York City. The event served as something of a birthday celebration for Turner-Smith, with Jackson presenting her with a cake as photographers looked on.

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The Lotus event on September 7th really was their last outing together as a couple – soon after that, Jodie headed to Europe, where she flew solo at the Vogue World event in London, then attended Paris Fashion Week events. I wonder if the split was a slow-burn or if something suddenly happened in the past month or so. There did seem to be a lot of drama around Jodie in particular last year, as I noted in the opening – was that the beginning of the end, or was it a blip and they were totally fine for most of this year?

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