ITV Love Island’s Dr Alex shows off amazing transformation as he marks special anniversary

Dr Alex George has marked one year sober as he shares some photos of his incredible body transformation that has occured since giving up alcohol.

Posting a series of photos from the last year, the former Love Island star, 32, wrote: "A picture can tell a thousand words. Ten pictures tell you a chapter of my life.

"For years I gave up everything to have this one thing, a year ago I gave up one thing to have everything. Alcohol was not my friend. Sobriety is."

In a second comment he continued: "Im actually in tears posting this, its been an emotional journey. Painful and yet cathartic to look through these photos.

"I had to do so much healing to get to where I am today. Man it was so hard. But I am so glad I did it. I hope this is a sign for anyone who needs it right now. Never give in."

Sharing his support for Alex, musician Professor Green commented: "Very well worded and joined the sober club myself. Did ten months and thought I fancied a drink, since decided I don’t.

"Not sure how long this dry spell lasts but I have an idea I’m keeping to myself as feel similarly! Well done!"

To which Alex replied: "@professorgreen Thank you so much, your openness around MH has been an inspiration for me, for many years. And you got this, sober living for the win right x"

Earlier this year, Alex revealed that he had saved £1,000 over last year's festive season after he decided to quit drinking alcohol.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast about his sobriety, Alex explained: “I was looking last night and I think I've saved £1,000 in the last month between cabs, the food you eat after and the drink.

"It's so expensive and I'd rather spend that on other things.”

Explaining his decision in more detail, he said that he didn’t “have an issue” with alcohol but wanted a healthier life and to avoid suffering from “hangxiety” after nights out.

During his journey into sobriety, Alex has continually updated fans, sharing that he has also begun to work out more and cut "toxic people" out of his life.

He opened up about his body transformation in November, telling fans: “So I've lost a lot of weight within the last year, I'd say a life changing amount of weight. The main reason I was able to make the change was because I didn't think about weight.”

He continued: “So even though the biggest physical thing that's changed about me is I've lost a lot of weight, it was never the goal. If you want to lose weight it's probably because you want to feel happier, healthier, more capable or maybe it's about confidence or your mental health."

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