Kate Middleton’s two favourite vegetables that help keep her skin glowing

The Royal Family are well-known for taking good care of their health and wellbeing, ensuring they do regular exercise and watching what they eat. The late Queen was well regarded for watching her diet and preferred simple dishes with lots of fruit and vegetables over heavy sauces.

Another such royal who has become famed for leading an incredibly healthy lifestyle is The Princess of Wales. While Kate has previously confessed to loving superfoods such as avocados and green smoothies, there are a handful of other healthy foods that the Princess enjoys on a frequent basis.

To keep up with her nutritional diet, Kate also makes sure to include two particular vegetables in her breakfast as they are packed with protein and healthy vitamins.

The Princess of Wales has spoken out many times on the importance of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle – as well as the benefits it has on your mental health.

And it would seem that she practices what she preaches as Kate makes sure to include two protein-rich foods in her daily diet. Spinach and kale are reportedly the vegetables of choice which often feature in her breakfast – along with other healthy ingredients such as oats, avocados and spirulina.

Spinach is often lauded for its many health benefits which include stabilising blood glucose levels and improving bone health, it is also packed full of iron, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Kale is similar in many ways as it is full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which aids eye health, as well as a strong immune system and cold prevention. The superfood can also keep your skin looking radiant and get rid of any scars or dark circles.

But breakfast isn't the only meal that the princess chooses to make as healthy as possible because she also enjoys a number of immune-boosting snacks throughout the day which carry many benefits.

When it comes to the favourite snacks of the Royal Family, it seems they are usually quite naughty. According to former members of palace staff, the late Queen's go-to treat was some chocolate biscuits before breakfast. Prince William is similar to his grandmother and is said to love anything chocolatey!

But the same can't be said for Kate as she reportedly has a penchant for the healthiest snacks. Kate has been known for satisfying her hunger cravings by sticking with raw fruit and vegetables, including immune-boosting goji berries.

She has also been known to opt for popcorn, which can be a brilliant and tasty low-calorie snack to keep you going in between meals, if it is not coated in too much sugar.

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