Maci Bookout Breaks Down Learning About Ryan Edwards' OD – And Has To Tell His Son!

Maci Bookout is opening up about Ryan Edwards’ overdose.

On Wednesday’s episode of Teen Mom, the 32-year-old broke down after learning about her ex’s terrifying April overdose, which landed him in the hospital before he was sent back to jail on a controlled substance charge and a DUI. Prior to all of that, he was in court-ordered rehab, which Maci revealed in the episode he had decided to leave early. She told husband Taylor McKinney:

“He just called me and told me that he’s coming home early. I don’t agree with this decision. I just don’t think it’s a good idea considering his long history of substance abuse.”

She explained the whole situation had been “really tough” on her and Ryan’s 15-year-old son Bentley, as the two had apparently mended their damaged relationship not long before. And now here his dad was, nearly killing himself with drugs.

Four days after she got that call from Ryan, he was found unresponsive in his truck with what cops claimed to be a “crystal-like substance” and a “blue powder.” According to Maci, the 35-year-old was administered two doses of Narcan at the scene. She explained in a confessional through teary eyes:

“When I found out that Ryan had overdosed, that’s truly the first time I was genuinely scared. Having to have that conversation with Bentley and seeing that … I know how I felt feeling it, but Ryan’s not my dad.”

She shared that their son took the news especially hard, which was “so hard” to see:

“All of it is so hard. Bentley feels all of that times a million and he’s a kid. I think the biggest thing is making sure Bentley is priority. But as a mom, you can’t just get a Band-Aid, it’s so hard.”

As news started to get out about Ryan’s OD and arrest, the MTV star explained it was “getting really hard to stay ahead of everything.” She told friends she didn’t like Ryan’s decision to leave rehab in the first place, referencing his tumultuous divorce from ex Mackenzie Edwards, after sharing that he actually showed up at one of Bentley’s baseball games the night before his OD:

“I didn’t necessarily agree with it. Then, when he came home, he goes to Bentley’s baseball game on his own. Him and Taylor actually spoke to each other. It was good and Friday, he overdosed. I think he thought he could come home, be with his kids, stay with his parents. With healthy people around, I think he thinks he’s invincible, that’s just it.”

So wild how fast things can go south…

And Maci had to tell her son everything:

“Bentley knows everything. Before he went to rehab he was very concerned, very worried. He kept saying, ‘I don’t want him to deal with this alone.’”

However, following the OD, she admitted that her son has gone from disappointed to angry:

“Now just angry. The way things had been going the last 4-5 months and how good things were going, even in the midst of all this crap with his soon-to-be-ex-wife, I think Bentley is angry because he’s like — how I used to be like — ‘Don’t you realize how much potential you have?’”

How devastating for the poor kid.

Ultimately, Maci and Ryan’s mother Jen both expressed interest in attending Al-Anon, which offers support for friends and relatives of alcoholics. While speaking with Maci, Jen explained how Ryan didn’t even know what had happened until he woke up in the hospital, as he texted her saying:

“Mom, I’m so sorry, I effed up, I should have stayed in rehab.”

What a grueling situation for this poor family. It’s a good thing they have each other. We hope they can all get a little peace with the help of professionals. See more from the episode (below):

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