Megan Fox dressed up as a ‘Kill Bill’ character and tagged SAG-AFTRA

Here are some photos of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly over the weekend, attending Kendall Jenner’s big Halloween party and Casamigos’ big party. Megan and MGK did two different Halloween looks for the parties. For the Casamigos party, their “couples costumes” were inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill films. MGK was The Bride and Megan was Gogo Yubari, the young Japanese assassin killed by The Bride.

A few weeks ago, SAG-AFTRA issued guidance for their union members when it comes to Halloween and social media. While there were complaints about the guidance, I’m sure the union only made the statement because their members had questions about whether Halloween costumes constituted “promoting struck work.” As such, SAG-AFTRA’s guidelines were that none of their union members should dress up as well-known characters from TV shows or films which are currently on strike. As in, no Marvel characters, no Barbie or Ken, no Oppenheimer, no Batman, nothing like that. Again, this guidance was solely for union members, not regular people, not family members of actors. I also think it was mostly about social media too, and how actors post their costumes on Instagram.

I would assume that QT’s Kill Bill characters constitute “struck work,” and apparently Megan thought so. When she posted pics of her costume on Instagram and she tagged SAG-AFTRA. Super-edgy from someone who has not appeared at any strike and who has not been included in any reporting about actors donating to SAG Foundation funds to help struggling actors. Megan is trying to rage against the machine, and the machine in question is her own f–king union, which is merely trying to HELP ACTORS.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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