‘My company fired me for moonlighting’

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Arun: I was working permanently in a private company for the last 5 years and doing another part time job.
Recently my company fired me accusing me of working part time and hired me on a contract basis.
Is there any action or solution for this?

You should have declared to your company that you were working part time.

Now, you can continue working on contract and, based on your performance, they may take you back on the rolls.


Anonymous: Hello Sir, I am applying for jobs (HR) (TA in IT) ) but since my experience is close to 10 years, companies are rejecting me by replying that I am over-qualified.
Due to father’s health, left my job 10 months ago.
Please give me your valuable inputs/ suggestion and/or reference which’ll help me in getting next opportunity.

1. Connect with your earlier companies/managers.

2. Update your profile and apply for jobs on job portals and social media platforms.

3. Explore your options as a freelance sales professional.

4. Look at academics as an option.


Nitin: How to start career in MNC?

1. Build your skills and competence.

2. Groom yourself in personal development.

3. Build your connect with seniors in MNCs through social media.

4. Apply for relevant jobs.


Sumit: My son just got his BA in hotel management.
In order to get better opportunity in hospitality sector, which course he should pursue further?

I recommend that he work for 2-3 years and, based on his area of interest and competence, he can then decide which course to pursue.

He can then specialise in one of the areas in hotels or take up a general management course.


Ajay: Hi Mayank. I was working with a leading life insurance company as zonal head but, over a period of time, I started feeling mentally drained.
I wasn’t enjoying my life at all and, one fine day, I put in my papers.
It is now a gap of 1.5 years and I am getting inclined to join back as an active employee but the problem is of age and the gap.
What would you recommend from an HR perspective and the way to approach probable employers? Regards, Ajay

In today’s corporate world, people do take a break to rejuvenate and get back.

Be open about it, ensure you have your work experience documents and a clear reference check.

Post that you can approach companies that value your skill set.

  • Ask rediffGURU Mayank Rautela your career-related questions HERE.

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