PETA Asks City of L.A. to Honor Bob Barker on Sunset Blvd.

bob barker peta

Bob Barker‘s animal rights legacy is something PETA wants to honor with a street name change on the most iconic boulevard in L.A. … which could actually happen!

A rep for PETA tells TMZ … they’ve made an official request with the City of Los Angeles for an honorary add-on to Sunset Blvd. — to pay tribute the late ‘Price Is Right’ host, who just died last weekend.

bob barker peta

Don’t worry … this isn’t as wacky as it sounds. PETA assures us this would only be a minor change, and it wouldn’t even require the removal of an actual “Sunset Blvd.” sign hanging from street lights.

Basically what we’re talking about is a second sign — under one of the Sunset Blvd. signs — that would read “Bob Barker Blvd.” The PETA rep says they’d love to have this on their block on Sunset.

PETA Bob Barker Building

There’s also this … PETA tells us they’ve actually taken steps to make this happen. They’ve contacted City Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martinez, who reps their area. We’re told PETA brass and Soto-Martinez’s staff are scheduled to meet in the coming weeks.

PETA says they’re pushing this because Bob actually made a generous donation way back when that allowed them to open this L.A.-based office, and they wanna return the favor.

As for the councilman … his office confirms they are indeed meeting PETA soon and will seriously consider its request — but warns even a small change like this is hard to pull off.

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