Prince William & Charlotte made a video wishing ‘good luck’ to the Lionesses

Prince William screwed up and it’s been glorious to watch as Britain’s national press ripped him a new one. The whole thing was just so typical of William in particular – he demanded a fancy title (Football Association President) and thought the job would be all fun. Attending football matches and hanging out with footballers. He should have been gleeful at the chance to use the Lionesses’ successes to embiggen himself, after all, they’re winning on his watch. But unfortunately, William is too lazy to travel to Australia to cheer on the Lionesses – the British papers were openly talking about how he refused to cut his summer holiday off to travel, and even royalists were bitching him out. He’s come across as too lazy to work, too sexist to support the women’s national team and too nativist to travel to a Commonwealth country. There must have been Panic! At the Palace, because William forced his daughter to make a lil’ hostage video with him:

— The Prince and Princess of Wales (@KensingtonRoyal) August 19, 2023

You know what would have been even better? Single-dad William taking Charlotte to Australia to cheer on the Lionesses in person. But that would have required more thought and effort than a low-quality video filmed on someone’s janky phone. As for William’s squirrelly excuse about the environmental reasons why he wouldn’t fly to Australia, i News did a thoughtful analysis to prove why Peg is full of it.

The Prince of Wales would have increased the Royal family’s travel emissions by just 0.1 per cent if he had chosen to fly on a commercial flight to Sydney for the Women’s World Cup Final.

Prince William has come under fire from politicians and England supporters for deciding not to travel to Australia for the final, despite being president of the Football Association. It is understood that Prince William, who has sent a message of congratulations to England’s Lionesses, has decided against travelling because of the environmental impact of flying such a long distance for such a short visit.

Flying to the other side of the world could have added 3 tonnes or more of carbon dioxide to his personal footprint. The average UK citizen emits around 13 tonnes per year.

Based on figures for a premium cabin flight from Heathrow to Sydney, via Singapore, Prince William would have produced 3.3 tonnes of emissions. For the Royal family as a whole in 2022, travel emissions reached 2,857 tonnes.

[From i News]

People act like William taking a commercial flight would be so destructive to his (highly selective) image as an environmentalist. Like… those commercials flights will continue with or without William. I bet he could have easily found five or six tickets on last-minute commercial flights to Sydney on Thursday or Friday of last week. But again, that would have taken planning, effort, consideration and professionalism.

Update: The Lionesses just lost. Congrats to the Spanish team!

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