Prince William tells reporters that he will focus more on ‘social leadership’ than work

There are several royal commentators trying to push a narrative that Prince Harry should not have gone to Katy Perry’s Las Vegas show OR done a video for Stand Up for Heroes OR gone on the record to deny the palace’s lies about rejecting a birthday party invitation. The reason why the royalists are mad about all of Harry’s activities is because… King Charles was opening Parliament and it’s bad that Harry overshadowed that sh-tshow. Except that Charles’s other son (you know, the whole-ass heir) was in Singapore, trying desperately to make news and get headlines. Weirdly, the royalists are not concerned about William overshadowing his father at all. Think about that for a second – the argument coming out of the British media is “Harry should never step outside in America at the same time as his father’s big events!” But they’re radio silent about William’s blatant, willful and repeated attempts to overshadow the king.

Anyway, after skipping the State Opening of Parliament, Prince William then stepped on his father’s newscycle yet again by giving an impromptu interview to the rota reporters who traveled with him to Singapore. Per Roya Nikkhah’s tweet-thread:

Prince William says he’s focused on “social leadership” and “going a step further” than traditional royal work by “showing my intent more”, in an interview with the travelling British print media in Singapore.

“The thing that ties it all together for me is about social leadership. That’s what I’m trying to find my way in. I care about so many things and previously the family have been very much spotlighting brilliantly and going round and highlighting lots. I want to go a step further. I want to actually bring change and bring people to the table who can do the change if I can’t do it. It’s all about progressing, helping and advancing particular social causes that need to be given more support.”

“You have to remain focused, if you spread yourself too thin you just can’t manage it and you won’t deliver the impact or the change that you really want to happen. I’ve been in the homelessness sector for a long time and so rather than just being patron I want to do more, I want to actually build the homes, I want to provide them with the mental support, all the employment and the education they might need…

“It’s all these wraparound services, it’s kind of going deeper and longer, than it is the case of just having loads of causes that you sort of turn up and keep an eye on. It’s more about how do I show my intent more? How do we do more for you and give you a better future?”

On Earthshot, “We’re not just an award ceremony. People think this is philanthropy. They think it’s just a prize ceremony. It’s not, this is so much more. It’s about how much impact can we achieve by scaling and building up and spotlighting these incredible people. We’ve just got to join some more dots between policy regulators government’s money, and then you blend it all together and then see the impact from that. Every year we’ve got to get bigger and reach more people – the profile is massive so we need to make that bigger and better.”

[From Roya Nikkhah’s Twitter]

How many times is he going to say this stuff? He’s been saying variations of this whole schpiel for literally years – he goes on and on about how being patron of organizations isn’t enough for him, he needs to do bigger things and do less of the bread-and-butter royal work because he’s such a visionary global statesman. Nothing ever happens – Earthshot was largely ignored by the European and American media, his big “I want to solve homelessness” project was a bust and he’s too lazy and stupid to actually be a social leader on any issue.

Richard Palmer’s summary was accurate – it’s not about “I want to do bigger things,” it’s that William wants to work less and take on fewer patronages than his father did as Prince of Wales. William has been PoW for fourteen months and he’s totally overwhelmed and in over his head. This is also why he made such a BFD about hiring a CEO for Kensington Palace – he wants fewer things on his plate, he’s an incompetent executive and he is profoundly incapable.

— Richard Palmer (@RoyalReporter) November 8, 2023

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