Rachel Bilson's Podcast Co-Host BLOCKED Justin Timberlake From Flirting With Her!

We’d never forgive a friend for keeping us from our celeb crush! Though in this case, Rachel Bilson‘s pal may have helped her girl dodge a bullet. LOLz!

The friend in question is Olivia Allen — who once prevented Justin Timberlake from making his move on The O.C. star! What?!

During their podcast Broad Ideas on Monday, Rachel recalled the time the besties were at an A-list party, and the *NSYNC star tried to flirt with her! She began:

“In our day was very big, right? Like, the biggest. Sorry, no disrespect — he’s still very big. We were all at a party, or something, and he was there and I was so obsessed with him.”

Weren’t we all?!

She then backed out, saying “I can’t tell this story,” before her co-host stepped in for her, elaborating:

“We were kicking it with him. We were making friends with him. went up to him, obviously, or he came to . I got drunk and embarrassed myself a little because he was trying to flirt with Rachel.”

She continued:

“This is the truth. You want the truth. I was drunk and I in between them. I was just drunk and wanted to keep talking to him.”

Nooo! Rachel chimed in:

“There was no room. Olivia planted herself , squeezed herself .”

LMFAO! We get it, girl, everyone wants their shot with JT! The good thing is Rachel recalled Justin being “great” during the interaction — even though he got totally blocked from hitting on the Hart of Dixie alum. So, of course, he had to poke some fun at her drunk friend! Olivia added that she and the singer “battled” all night long. She detailed:

“He called me the enemy. The next time I saw him he was like, ‘What’s up, enemy?’”

Hah! She then quipped:

“He wasn’t mad at me. You might have been.”

She’s lucky it didn’t end their friendship! LOLz! Wars have been fought over less than this level of clam jamming! We’re talking about early 2000s JT, y’all!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF (below)!

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