RHOC’s Tanya Bardsley under fire as husband pins down son and ‘washes mouth out with shampoo’

Tanya Bardsley has been slammed on social media after sharing a video of her husband Phil Bardsley teaching their "potty-mouthed" son Ralph not to swear.

The video, which she shared to her 573k followers on Instagram, saw Phil pinning down their laughing son and pretending to 'wash his mouth'.

Captioning the clip, the Real Housewives of Chesire star wrote: "Going back to old school treatment because nothing else has worked for our little potty mouth ralphi doodle @phil_bardsley #washyourmouthoutwithsoap he told his brother to f**k off no kids were harmed in the making of this video"

After the video sparked backlash, she added: "For the warpped Karen’s in the comments no shampoo was put in his mouth and ralphi was just laughing ffs honestly the world so serious and thrive on being offended and judging these day."

Commenters were quick to respond to the video, with one writing:: "What a poorly thought out “joke” – some people really will do anything to get attention."

Another branded the post "irresponsible", arguing that some people might see it and think it's okay to do the same thing.

Others were quick to defend the TV star, however, as one Instagram user commented: "Oh my goddddddddd! The comments on here are so, so bizarre!

"They are CLEARLY messing around. Think about Tanya's mental health when this crap is being thrown at her left, right and centre."

"Good grief I can't believe people would take this seriously, dad and son having a bit of fun, what's next people getting offended at tickling" penned a second.

And a third commented: "Are we not watching the same video? The snowflakes on here seriously! The boy is laughing it’s obviously family fun. Instead of judging others on here maybe go spend some quality time with your own."

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