Sudha Murty And The Art Of Story Telling

Among the very many things Sudha Murty does, what she enjoys most is telling stories.

And, in particular, stories for children.

It is an art she cultivated early in life.

Murty tells us how Sudha, the storyteller, was born and how Story Time With Sudha Amma came to life.

An animated series that began streaming on YouTube’s Murty Media channel from October 31, it will feature 52 stories penned by Murty.

Murty Media is helmed by Murty’s daughter-in-law, Aparna Krishnan.

The stories have been selected from Sudha Murty’s numerous books for children, including Grandma’s Bag Of Stories, Grandparents’ Bag Of Stories and The Magic Drum And Other Favourite Stories.

While talking about her latest venture, there is a special secret that Sudha Ajji (grandmother) reveals.


The title song for this animated series has been penned by two-time National Award winner Prasoon Joshi.

He tells us what inspired the peppy song.


Now that he’s talked about it, let’s watch the young singers who voiced it sing it live, just for you.


Could the event end with a question and answer session with Sudha Murty? Of course not!


But the best part of the afternoon, we believe, was this 🙂

The cutest member of the audience gets a kiss.


And these two sweeties get a hug.


Composer Shantanu Moitra lends Sudha Murty a careful ear.


When you have so many cheerful children around, how can you not have a group pic?

Prasoon and Shantanu join in.

That’s what the animated version looks like.

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