Taylor Swift Fans Turn Theaters Into Concerts During 'Eras Tour' Film

Taylor Swift has hit cineplexes everywhere — and so have her fans … who’ve turned moviegoing into straight-up concert fare — and no, they’re not staying in their seats for this one.

The ‘Eras Tour’ film opened internationally Friday — this after Thursday previews — and videos of Swifties losing their minds at theaters all over the globe are flooding the Internet … which are fascinating. That, or disturbing … depends on how you view this phenomenon.

Check these out … ’cause they’re quite something. The clips are coming in from all over the world — but these ones in particular seem to be from Australia and the U.S. specifically.

One video shows fans getting out of their chairs and hitting the ground floor right in front of the screen as soon as “Shake It Off” starts to play. Honestly, the way it all plays out — you could say it was all choreographed … as it looks like this is straight out of a musical.

When everyone gets down to the lower level, they dance their faces off … and sing in unison with Taylor. The same was done in yet another theates — where her fans belted out “22.”

Even when the credits roll … the TS legion can’t seem to help but stand up and get together — which was demonstrated in one viral clip that shows Swifties swinging around in a giant hand-holding circle … “Midsommar” style. Basically, “Ring Around the Rosie (Taylor’s Version).”

Just goes to show what everyone sorta anticipated with this concert flick — namely, it was going to become a full-blown event … with people screaming/singing at the top of their lungs.

As far as money, the numbers have been great so far on opening day — domestically, it’s already raked in $39 million between Thursday and Friday screenings … and at the moment, the ‘Eras Tour’ film is on pace to make anywhere from $90-$109 mil through Sunday.

It’s an astonishing feat … and yet another testament to the power of Taylor. Ooh-wee!

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