Taylor Swift wore a $2900 Stella McCartney coat in NYC: tweedy & cute?

You guys, this is the second GREAT Stella McCartney ensemble I’ve seen in as many days. What is happening? Usually I loathe all things Stella McCartney, but Pamela Anderson’s Stella outfit at the British Fashion Awards was amazing, and now look at Taylor Swift’s Stella McCartney coat and matching miniskirt. They’re outstanding! I love that tweed, I love everything about her street-style look here (except the shoes). The coat is apparently $2900. Yikes, too rich for me, but it does look great on Tay.

These are pics of Taylor out to dinner last night in Tribeca. She flew out of Kansas City yesterday I think, or maybe Monday? Some outlets described her flight back to New York as “sudden,” but… that’s where she lives, and she’s not just going to camp out in Kansas City permanently. Especially when Meredith, Benjamin and Olivia are probably still living in New York. I don’t see any gossip about Taylor’s dinner companions, so it’s possible she just went out with her security guys – they went to Paros, a Greek restaurant.

The Kansas City Chiefs will play the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, and the game is at Arrowhead in KC. Will Taylor fly back down this weekend to see her man play? This past Sunday was the first time the Chiefs lost with Taylor in attendance. I wonder…

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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