Travis Kelce Did The Most Amazing Trick Play – And Got Robbed By The Refs!

The Kansas City Chiefs put on an EPIC trick play with this weekend’s NFL game on the line and Taylor Swift in the stands on Sunday night… and it succeeded!

Well, for a moment! Unfortunately the refs retroactively shut things down because of a penalty, and Travis Kelce‘s hopes for a shocking last-second win were dashed because of it! Ugh!!

So, this sordid situation went down with just over a minute left in the KC’s game against the Buffalo Bills. On second-and-10, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes found Kelce open in the middle of the field with a pass. Taylor’s man ran frantically with the ball for a bit, knowing he had to cover some major ground to get close to the end zone with his team down 20-17. But the defense was closing in fast!

Then, suddenly, on the far sideline, Kelce saw Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney running like lightning! Thinking quickly (and SUPER unconventionally), Kelce turned into his own quarterback for an instant and lateraled the ball backwards and across the field to his teammate!! Toney caught the backwards pass and streaked into the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown!


As you can see (below), Taylor and the rest of Arrowhead Stadium‘s fans erupted in cheers that were heard as far away as El Lay and Nashville! LOLz!

It’s an unusual play, but a fantastic one! It’s great to see Taylor’s creativity and confidence rubbing off on her man! And with just about 60 seconds to play in the game, that likely would have given the Chiefs the win, right?! WRONG!!

At the very beginning of the play, referees threw a flag after it was determined Toney had lined up in the neutral zone. Basically, the neutral zone is an imaginary line going sideline-to-sideline that includes the football itself. Players from each team can’t line up on top of or across that line on the other team’s side before play begins. The refs said that Toney did (bottom center inset pic, above) and so they threw a flag. It had NOTHING TO DO WITH TRAVIS, but the unrelated penalty completely nullified the touchdown! Oh, no!!

It was a game-changing call, as the ball was brought back to the original line of scrimmage and then walked backwards another five yards to make off the penalty. Now back at midfield again and with nothing to show for it, Mahomes and the Chiefs weren’t able to mount another miracle before time expired. Sadly for them, the Bills won the game 20-17. And the end result brought us, among other things, Taylor working overtime to console Travis after the shocking loss!

It was such a great play, too! Even Bills QB Josh Allen said so after the game, praising Kelce to the NFL Network:

“That’s the ballsiest play I’ve ever seen in my entire life. That was unbelievable.”

Kelce’s quarterback was SUPER pissed about the neutral zone infraction, too. In video clips shown after the call, Mahomes met up with Bills star QB Josh Allen at midfield and could be heard saying the ref’s call was “f**king terrible,” “f**king embarrassing” and the “wildest f**king call I’ve ever seen.” Which, DAMN!

Mahomes continued his tirade in the team’s postgame press conference, too. To begin, he credited Kelce with thinking quickly to come up with the incredible play in the first place:

“I mean, it’s obviously tough to swallow, not only for me but just for football in general. To take away greatness like that, for a guy like Travis to make a play like that, and who knows if we win.”

Then, he slammed the refs for costing his team the victory:

“They’re human, they make mistakes, but it’s every week we’re talking about something. And all I can do is go out there and give everything I have and I’m proud of the guys, that’s what we did and it was a great football game that ended — another great football game that just ended like that it’s just tough — tough to swallow.”

Chiefs coach Andy Reid also very candidly spoke about his displeasure over the offsides call against Toney. In his own postgame presser, the head coach said refs typically warn him about those penalties BEFORE they are called, rather than just throw a flag at a crucial time during a game:

“Very disappointed that it ended the way it did. Normally I’ll get — I never use any of this as excuses, but normally I get a warning before something like that happens in a big game. a bit embarrassing in the National Football League for that to take place.”

Jeez! MAJOR controversy in Kansas City!

Can’t blame Travis for it, at least. His quick thinking should have won them the game… if only his teammate hadn’t lined up offsides and the refs hadn’t thrown the flag for it!!

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