Trump Allegedly Asked Melania to Parade Around in Bikini for Other Men

Donald Trump allegedly once asked his wife, Melania Trump, to strut her stuff in a two-piece to entertain some dudes he was hosting … this according to a new secret recording.

The story comes courtesy of NYT/’60 Minutes Australia’ — which just aired a segment citing conversations that Aussie billionaire Anthony Pratt claims to have had with DT while he was in office … and some of his anecdotes about 45 were apparently captured on tape.

In one of the audio clips, you can hear Pratt recount a time he claims went down sometime in 2019 — when Trump was apparently hanging with him and some other business big shots during a dinner. Pratt says Trump told them about once asking MT to walk around a pool in her bikini … so that all the other men there could get a look at what they were missing.

Unclear when exactly Trump might’ve made this request or where — but from the sounds of it … he said it sometime during his presidency. In any case, Pratt says Melania fired back at her husband … allegedly saying, “I’ll do that when you walk around with me in your bikini.”

It’s not all that surprising Trump might say something like that — but what’s somewhat shocking is that he potentially said this while he was serving as POTUS, and her FLOTUS.

Of course, Melania comes from a modeling background … something DT has always taken pride in. But to hear that Melania took his odd request and turned it on her hubby is pretty wild too — especially when you consider they don’t seem to be all that close these days.

Anyway, there are larger bombshells in this report … including claims Pratt made about DT allegedly spilling state secrets to him very casual-like. The bigger takeaway that the Times notes here is special counsel Jack Smith has talked to Pratt as part of his probe into DT.

As for this Melania stuff … it’s kinda par for the course, really.

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