Von Miller Turns Himself In After Arrest Warrant Issued

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3:15 PM — Von Miller has turned himself in … TMZ Sports has learned.

According to a spokesperson for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, the Buffalo Bills star was booked at the Glenn Heights Police Department in Glenn Heights, Texas at around 4 PM CT on Thursday.

Von Miller has been accused of getting violent with a pregnant woman this week — shoving her, pulling her hair, and putting his hands around her neck in a heated altercation.

The disturbing allegations are all spelled out in a felony warrant of arrest issued for the Buffalo Bills star on Wednesday.

In the documents, obtained by TMZ Sports, authorities say the confrontation initially began inside Miller’s Dallas-area apartment at around 10:40 Wednesday morning … when he and the woman argued over their weekend travel plans.

According to the docs, the woman grew upset during the spat, left the bedroom and walked into the home’s office, slamming the door behind her … which made Miller “visibly angry.”

von miller

Officials say in the documents Miller then entered the room and demanded she leave the place. The woman, according to the docs, said she’d comply — though she wanted to grab a laptop and some cell phones from the residence as “they were both cohabitants of the unit.”

That’s when Miller, however, allegedly turned things physical.

In the docs, officials say the victim alleged Miller walked up to her while she was getting her things and repeatedly shoved and pushed her.

“While the altercation was going on,” officials wrote in the warrant, the woman “kept yelling ‘Stop I’m pregnant.'”

But, the victim told authorities Miller eventually pushed her onto a chair — before he used one hand to apply pressure to her neck “for 3 to 5 seconds before letting go.” The woman told officials, according to the docs, that she felt pain, but did “not have difficulty breathing.”

Miller then allegedly chucked the woman’s laptop on the ground and stomped on it. Officials say the woman told them when she went to retrieve the electronic device, the NFL player then “pulled her by her hair, ultimately pulling a chunk of hair out and causing her to fall to the ground.”

Officials in the docs say Miller later pushed her onto a couch and “placed pressure around her neck with both hands, again causing pain but no difficulty breathing.”

“When [the woman] got up she stated to [Miller] she was going to call for police, resulting in [Miller] leaving the residence,” officials said in the docs.

Arrest Warrant Issued For NFL Star Von Miller For Assaulting Pregnant Woman

Arrest Warrant Issued For NFL Star Von Miller For Assaulting Pregnant Woman

According to the warrant, when cops arrived on the scene, the woman — who said she was six weeks pregnant — had visible abrasions on her left hand, as well as bruising on her neck, abdomen and left bicep.

34-year-old Miller is now wanted on one felony charge of assault on a pregnant person — though as of Thursday afternoon, he had yet to be formally arrested.

Miller — a DeSoto, Texas native — joined the Bills in 2022 after a successful run with the Denver Broncos and L.A. Rams … and despite a good start with his new team in his first year, he’s been largely ineffective this season returning from an ACL injury.

Buffalo is currently on its bye week.

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