Who’s Helly Dreaming About?

Want to know what’s trending this season? Just head over to Helly Shah‘s Insta profile.

She has been putting the cool-girl spin on cropped tops.

Playing with the retro vibe.

And she loves plenty of ‘glitter in her eyes’.

At times, her blush is ‘sponsored by the mountains’ and then there is that moment when she feels ‘like a sun kissed snowflake’.

This fetching beauty from Ahmedabad first appeared on the small screen in 2010’s Zindagi Ka Har Rang… Gulal.

After acting in nine more Hindi serials, she moved to the big screen with Kaya Palat, a film that she took to Cannes. And, boy, did she wow everyone with her appearances.

This cutie doesn’t need an excuse to flaunt her gorgeous dresses and long tresses. 







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