Blind Women Light Up Diwali

Why is Rahul Gandhi making dosas?

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Also see: Srinangar hosts its first women-only motorsports.

Heroic RPF cop saves man’s life.

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Why Is Rahul Gandhi Doing This?
Location: Jagitial

What do you think of the Congress leader’s dosa-making skills?


Srinagar Celebrates A Special Event
Location: Srinagar

It was a first for Srinagar — a women-only autocross event.

JK AutoX Women was a celebration of women’s growing participation in motorsports.


Kashmir’s Ready With More Apples
Location: Ganderbal

Harvesting of delicious apples is currently under way in Ganderbal, Kashmir.

Usually, the harvesting of the fruit takes place in September.

But varieties like American Maharaji and Chamboora are ready for plucking later in the season.


Heroic RPF Cop Saves Man’s Life
Location: Ahmedabad

Here’s why you should never try to board a moving train.



These Visually Challenged Women Will Light Up Your Diwali
Location: Ahmedabad

They won’t be able to see the lights of Deepavali, but that does not mean they won’t make the festival bright for you.

Ahmedabad’s Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh is creating beautiful diyas for Diwali.


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