What is Binomo in India – Trading Platform Review

Is binomo safe and how to use it? Login to trade investment. How to get education on the Binomo platform and use the application.

Binomo is an online trading platform where you can earn additional income off the
variations that occur in the rate of exchange for currencies and other assets. The brand
was created by a company called Dolphin Corp. The company is registered under the
laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (with registration number 25151 IBC 2018).

The goal of the company is to provide reliable services for online trading. Dolphin Corp
has its office on the First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street,
Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. All the services rendered by the company is
through their website (binomo.com) and also available through the Binomo mobile
Binomo- your honest trading partner.

What is Binomo?

Binomo is a client-focused company, providing innovative possibilities in the market of
online trading platforms. It is considered a world-class trading platform that offers the
best quality brokerage services and support, as well as analytical services, client support,
and professional level tutorials. Binomo provides high-quality access to the world’s
financial assets and it is such a great advantage being that it works with clients from all
over the world.

Registration and Sign in

The registration process is simple. Visit the main page of the website, go to the upper
right corner where there is a “Log in” button. Click this button and the tab for the sign
up will be displayed.
Provide a valid email address and enter a strong password to create or register an
account for yourself. After that, you choose the currency for your funds' deposit and
withdrawal. Never forget to read the Client Agreement and Privacy Policy. Ensure there
are no spaces between your email address and avoid any extra characters. After filling all details, click on the “Create an account” button, you will get a confirmation email.
Confirm the email address, your account becomes validated and you are set to start
trading on Binomo.

Account Type

There are different types of Binomo account you can trade on and they are Demo, Real,
or Tournament account.
1. Demo Account
After signing up, you get a demo account that has $1000 in it and gets replenished if
exhausted. The demo account is your chance to make trades on a real chart and learn
more about how the platform works. You get to practice new strategies or try out some
ideas before real trading.
2. Real Account
This account is where you can get some profit. You can also withdraw the funds from
there to your bank card or e-wallet. However, you should know that you can only
withdraw to the payment methods you use to deposit. It is recommended that you get
quite familiar with the platform interface and well-trained on the demo account before
switching to real trading.
3. Tournament Account
You need to sign up for a tournament before you can get access to this type of account
and trading only starts when the tournament begins. There’s a special tournament
currency known as tournament tokens and represented by the symbol T.

Without a doubt, the funds in the demo account are not real money. You have to change
to trading on a real account before you can withdraw funds. However, you can change to
the account type “Real” at the top right corner of the trading platform.

Minimum deposit

The least amount acceptable for deposit is 10 EUR/10 USD or its equivalence depending
on the currency of your account. However, India and Kenia are excluded as the
minimum amount is 5 USD/5 EUR/350 INR.

How to use Binomo?

Binomo is explicitly a trading platform, so using it means you should learn how to trade
on it. Trading is only done on a real account for profit-making. You have to check the
type of account you select before you start trading, set it to the Real account type at the
upper right corner, just above the chart.

Then pick the asset, maybe EUR/USD. After that, you have to set the time and amount
for the trade. The next step is to carry out an analysis of the price movement on the
chart and make a forecast. If you think that the price will keep rising; click on the green
button, but if you think it will go down; click on the red one.

Hold on for the trade to be consummated and check to see if your forecast was right and
the trade completed successfully. The profit will be paid immediately to your account
balance. You might not be comfortable trading at the start but it gets better. Start by
exploring the trading interface of the platform.


You can get every information and binomo tutorial that you need to trade well on the
platform. The Binomo website provides free access to educational materials to help you
with your trading. You can also get analytical data to also enhance your forecasting.

Binomo Mobile App

Binomo has different platform tools you can take advantage of, both for Android and
iOs. You can download the mobile app from your respective play store by searching for
Binomo. Don't forget that you can also visit the website even on your mobile devices.
The Binomo website is mobile-friendly and serves the same purposes.

Is Binomo Safe?

Binomo is a safe trading platform. The company does not share information about its
customers with third parties. Also, your payment details are not saved on the site. The employees can only view the card transaction data partially. The data is transferred to
the payment system in an encrypted form. There is also a verification process to
authenticate every data. All these are done to ensure the safety of your funds and your

Why you should try Binomo?

Binomo is an exciting opportunity for earning extra income conveniently. Within just a
minute, you can earn up to 90% profit if you give an accurate forecast. On this modern
trading platform, you can benefit from the slightest price fluctuations. You get to enjoy a
smooth kind of trades.
The instances of the price fluctuations also come with its risks, if your forecast is wrong
you can also lose a lot of your funds quickly too. So be aware of the risks.

Binomo Review from India

Pooja Ahluwalia
“It is a legitimate business. I have been using it for some time now, for the last four
months to be specific. I live in India by the way, and Binomo is a new entry here.
Initially, I suffered some losses but as I gained more footing on the platform I improved
my earnings to such a degree that now I have developed good enough passive earnings
from the platform.”

“Who wants to get additional income – I advise you to try the Binomo platform. The
project has been working and paying regularly for a long time.”

“I can assure you that it isn’t a scam. I am a trader from India, and I have been using
Binomo for some time now. It has been an excellent platform for generating a passive
income. As far as withdrawals go, I get mine in less than 10 minutes. And their
performance has only gotten better since the last three months, in terms of customer
service. Usually, my queries get solved in a few minutes.”

Sahaj Rn
“So the conclusion is, there's nothing wrong with earning money with this application.
Thank you.”
“This is my best online trading platform and I enjoy using it. Is binomo legal in India?