‘Move to bring in Hardik makes a lot of cricketing sense’

‘Rohit Sharma shouldn’t be viewed sentimentally or emotionally.’

‘Rohit Sharma shouldn’t be viewed sentimentally or emotionally,’ says Sanjay Manjrekar, Mumbaikar, former India cricketer and present day commentator.

‘Mumbai Indians’ decision to appoint Hardik Pandya as captain is a smart move because he’s a proven leader and player. Pandya is in great T20 form, and Rohit Sharma has been in the game for a long time,’ Manjrekar told the Star Sports channel.

‘The move to bring in Hardik Pandya makes a lot of cricketing sense. I just hope Pandya doesn’t feel undue pressure due to the circumstances. Rohit Sharma will remain the same batter, and if he continues solely as a pure batter without the captaincy role, I don’t see any issue with the leadership change at all,’ added Manjrekar.

Another Mumbaikar, cricket legend and present day commentator is surprised by the change in MI leadership.

‘There were already circulating rumours about the potential transfer or trade of Hardik Pandya to Mumbai Indians. This came as quite a surprise, considering Pandya not only led the Gujarat team to two consecutive finals, securing one title, but also appeared to be well-settled there,’ said Sunil Gavaskar.

‘When a successful captain decides to leave a thriving franchise, the reasons go beyond the comprehension of an ordinary fan. Mumbai Indians initially picked Pandya as a raw talent, and now he stands as one of the biggest names not just in Indian cricket but in the global game,’ Gavaskar wrote in his Mid-Day column.

‘Speculation continues regarding why Pandya chose to depart and return to his roots, but it’s not uncommon for highly successful individuals abroad to relinquish their achievements and return home,’ Gavaskar added.

‘Pandya has never hidden the fact that he considers Mumbai Indians his home. This reflects the wonderful family atmosphere created by the Mumbai Indians, where even those who have departed only have praise for the franchise.’

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