Alix Earle Addresses ‘Homewrecker’ Accusations About Her Relationship with Braxton Berrios

Alix Earle is speaking out about the controversy surrounding her relationship with NFL player Braxton Berrios.

The 22-year-old TikTok star and the 27-year-old NFL wide receiver have been dating for a few months, and even hit the red carpet together at the ESPYs back in July.

However, after his ex Sophia Culpo said he cheated on her, many accused Alix of being the one he cheated with and called her a homewrecker.

Now, Alix is speaking out and addressing the accusations on the latest episode of Alex Cooper‘s Call Her Daddy podcast.

Find out what she said inside…

“This past summer, you were getting scrutinized on the internet. People were calling you a mistress, some people were calling you a homewrecker, in regards to the NFL player you were hooking up with,” Alex said. “Can you confirm: Were you hooking up with him when he was in a relationship?”

“It is so triggering to even hear you say that,” Alix replied. “I spent my childhood thinking this is basically the worst thing you could do to another human. So why the f— would I do that? No, they were not together.”

“I guess the ex-girlfriend had started posting things alluding to unfaithfulness in the relationship online and I was seen hanging out with this guy so everyone kind of just pointed fingers at me,” Alix explained about how the rumors started.

She said that she would bawl her eyes out to friends reading comments about her and Braxton.

After all this came to light, Alix confronted Braxton about it, “asking for the receipts. Like, right away I was probably more psycho than she was. I was like there’s just no f—ing way this happened. Like, I was checking everything. We have been over this probably 110 times.”

She did confirm that she is currently single, and they are not official and they were never exclusive.

“We started talking at a very weird time in my life, I was finishing college,” she said. “As much as we were hanging out, it never felt like the right time to start a relationship.”

If you didn’t know, Alix Earle is launching her very own podcast, Hot Mess with Alix Earle, as part of her deal with Alex Cooper‘s The Unwell Network. The first episode premieres TOMORROW (September 21).

Alix also recently responded to speculation she’s going to have a reality show with her family.

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