Brian Cox believes he can 'finally say he's been in a Bond production'

Brian Cox admits he can ‘finally say he’s been in a Bond production’ after swapping Succession for a 007 inspired reality show: ‘I always thought I’d be a very good villain!’

He was a household name long before he pulled on Logan Roy’s business suit, but Succession star Brian Cox admits there’s something missing from his extensive roster of films and TV shows. 

The actor has won himself a younger generation of fans thanks to his starring role in the hugely popular HBO show about the internal politics and toxic relationships that define fictional media conglomerate Waystar RoyCo. 

But after his dramatic death midway through its final season, Cox, now 77-years of age, has opted to do something rather different by featuring in am ambitious new reality show inspired by the world of James Bond. 

And speaking to Radio Times, the actor – a lifelong fan of author Ian Fleming’s womanising secret agent – admits there’s more than a touch of good fortune about his latest role. 

‘Now I can finally say I’ve been in a Bond production!’ he said. ‘I always thought I’d be a very good villain but nobody’s ever offered. 

All change: Brian Cox plays ‘The Controller’ in new reality TV series 007: Road To A Million 

Fame: Already a hugely successful stage and television actor, Cox has enjoyed wider fame as media titan Logan Roy in smash hit series Succession (pictured)

‘Having played one of the most misunderstood men in television history [in Succession], it was a no-brainer to be a Bond villain of sorts.’ 

Cox has signed up for new show 007: Road To A Million, a venture shared by streaming service Amazon Prime, production company 72 Films and Eon – the company responsible for the hugely successful Bond franchise. 

Unlike other reality TV shows it is also unique, with Eon allowing its Bond content to be used in an alternative format for the first time. 

The show will see nine pairs of contestants travel the world in search of a silver briefcase containing a quiz question – with plenty of Bond inspired stunts along the way.

Each correct answer adds money to the pot, with as much as £1million on offer for ant couple who makes it through to the end. 

Overseeing proceedings from his lair will be the The Controller – a shadowy figure inspired by Bond nemesis Ernst Stavros Blofeld and played with aplomb by Cox. 

It will be the actor’s first role since leaving Succession, where he played family patriarch Logan Roy for five-years before his sudden death during the third episode of its fourth and final season. 

But while his early exit surprised fans of the long-running show, Cox insists he was already

Tense: New show Road To A Million follows nine pairs of everyday people as they are unleashed on an epic global adventure, and The Controller is the only thing that stands in their way

Read all about it: The full interview is available in the latest edition of Radio Times, out now 

‘I was probably one of the first to know that [Succession] was going to finish and I thought, “They’re killing me off, so what do I do next?”‘ he said. 

‘As you get older, life becomes increasingly ridiculous so you either laugh or you cry, and I prefer the laughter. And I really enjoyed it. I don’t know if “risk” is the right word but certainly it’s unusual territory for me. I thought it could be funny.’ 

He added: ‘You keep it bouncy and you keep the variety rather than thinking, “I must go off and do something heavy now.” 

‘I couldn’t do 50 years of Poirot or whatever. It’s fantastic but [David Suchet] did it over a very long period of time. I couldn’t.’ 

007: Road To A Million will launch on 10 November exclusively on Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories. 

The latest edition of Radio Times is out now.  

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