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rediffGURU Dr Hemalata Arora is a senior consultant who practises internal medicine at Mumbai’s Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital.

In a career spanning over 24 years, she has focused on managing infectious diseases, critical illnesses and lifestyle disorders.

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Anil: Hello Doctor. My name is Anil and I am based out in Delhi NCR.
A few years back, I visited a hospital and, just out of curiosity, got my blood pressure checked and the upper one was around 150.
Doctor advised me to take precautions.
A few days back, I again visited a hospital with my wife and this time as well, got my blood pressure checked and this time it came around 190.
Can you please advise how serious it is and if it can be cured by changing lifestyle etc. or a proper medication is required.
Sometimes I feel dizziness, sleepiness and feverish.

This level of BP needs good control quickly.

Please see a MD physician immediately and start medication while also starting lifestyle modifications.

Slowly you can reduce the medicines and continue just lifestyle changes. Also you need to be evaluated to check for any effects of the high BP that have already occurred.


Sandeep: I had kidney cancer surgery on 23rd June, 75 per cent kidney was removed.
Kindly advise about diet plans and precautions to be taken. I am diabetic as well.

Overall kidney function would determine your stage of kidney disease/dysfunction if any.

Typically, one good kidney is enough to maintain normal function.

Diabetes, however, does cause kidney dysfunction and needs good control to prevent the same.

Diet should be geared towards providing adequate calories for proper recovery. Keep the carbs low so as to manage diabetes well.

I would suggest discussing with your doctor regarding putting you on kidney protective medications which will also help control your sugar.


Vijay: Hi Doctor, I am 52 years old, I am having tingling sensation in legs below knee as well as pain in right hand.
Sometimes forehead is also numb. I am under medication with orthopedic as well doing exercise as suggested.
Along with this I am facing headache. I also have acidity issue. Is there correlation between tingling and headache?

It is difficult to say exactly.

The headache as you say may be related to the increased acidity which may be triggered by the medications.

Alternatively, there may be underlying stress which is causing headaches or increased BP which may be causing headaches. Best to see a physician once.


Anonymous: Being a diabetic since last 22 years now I am facing many problems.
I lost my vision in left eye due to doctor’s negligence as well as mine being not controlled my diabetic because I like sweets very much and I used to intake a lot.
Now since lock down my both legs downside is giving pain as well as burning sensation. The pain is unbearable.
Three operation already done in my right leg. What’s should I do to reduce my pain in leg? And is there any chances of recovery of sight in my eyes?
I am fully positive that one day miracle will happen. I am 58 years old.

The first goal is to ensure strict, immediate and sustained glucose control with the right medications, which can also help with some of the complications you are facing.

You will also need to see specialists for the neurological and eye complications.

There are several medications to help with the leg pain as well.


Anonymous: Hi, my wife is expecting a second child in next few days.
We had a query regarding ‘Tubal ligation’ procedure. When is the correct time to perform the same?
Do you suggest to do it immediately after delivery of the second child (considering a C section)?
Or is it recommended to wait for a few more months after delivery?
If done at the time of C section, does the body take more time to recover?
For reference, her age is 33 yrs and the first delivery was C section as well. Thanks for your guidance.

Most OBGYNs recommend getting a tubal ligation after your second child reaches five years of age.

This is usually to ensure you absolutely don’t want another child before you do the procedure. However, this is really a personal individual choice and you can well get it done at the time of the Cesarean section.

It will not make the recovery any different. All the best.

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