Cardi B Loves Offset's 24-Hour Live Stream, 'I See Everything You're Doing'

Offset has the perfect way to promote his new album, or at least that’s how Cardi B feels about him live streaming for a full day … because she says it’s super easy to keep tabs on him!

Offset was in the middle of his 24-hour run online with YouTuber Kai Cenat Thursday night when Cardi decided to dial up her hubby and have a chat. When Offset put the call on speaker, she quickly chimed in, “You need to be streaming every single day for 24 hours, so I can know everything you’re doing!”

Offset, Kai and a few other fellas in the room laughed it off, but, let’s keep it real … she meant that s**t!

They’ve had their issues in the past — cheating accusations and Cardi briefly filing for divorce in 2020 — but lately they can’t keep their hands off each other. Earlier this week, they even faked a sex tape while backstage at the MTV VMAs. Good stuff!

The couple’s clearly inspiring to some … because Kai decided to make the most of having Cardi on the phone, and shot his shot. He nervously asked if Cardi’s sister Hennessy was available.

Fun moment, and perhaps the start of a new couple???

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