Chris Evans inundated with support as he shares scar after skin cancer surgery

Virgin Radio host Chris Evans reveals skin cancer diagnosis

Chris Evans has shared a picture of his scar with 148,000 Instagram followers after undergoing a surgical operation to rid himself of skin cancer.

Thinking himself “lucky” to have caught the malignant melanoma quickly enough before things turned more serious, he captioned the photo: “And that’s a W.R.A.P.

“Early cuzza [curry] to celebrate + 0.0 VERY cold beer. #getyourselfchecked/checkafriend Peace&Love people. HAPPY THURSDAY.”

He was inundated with support from thousands of relieved followers, who were glad he’d discovered it early and was raising awareness for his condition.

Chris revealed he’d initially dismissed his blemish altogether, saying: “I’m a redhead. I’m covered in freckles!”

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Although it seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary to him, his concerned masseuse thought otherwise after spotting the mark on his calf and recommended that he contact his doctor to check.

Recalling the conversation on TalkTV, Chris explained: “She said, ‘I see a lot of this, this is what I do for a living, I look at people’s skin, I’m in contact with them all the time.

“‘I’ve seen a few things over the years and that’s something you might want to get checked out.'”

He added that she gave him a “maternal look” during their next massage session, after he admitted he hadn’t been to his doctor.

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“She gave me a look just six days after the first time. She said, ‘Do it for me. Go and get this checked out’ and I thought, ‘Yeah, absolutely of course I will.'”

That turned out to be the right decision, as he was diagnosed with early stage skin cancer.

Chris clarified that as they had caught it so quickly it was “as treatable as cancer can possibly be”.

The radio host and doting dad of four is especially sensitive to the risks, as he previously lost his father and two uncles to the dreaded disease.

He has already had surgery to remove polyps from his bowel, as a precaution against the possibility of them developing into colon cancer.

Chris has always been transparent about health issues that he’s encountered over the years, openly discussing the results of regulating his alcohol intake.

The tearful star also told the world back in 2021 after he was rushed to hospital suffering painful kidney stones – something he’d initially mistaken for trapped wind.

Chris once even dropped his trousers live on This Morning as part of a discussion about varicose veins.

Fans have now encouraged “Onwards and upwards” as they urged him to enjoy his curry and celebrate becoming cancer-free.

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