Erika Jayne Sued by Designer Over Claims of Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

Erika Jayne used Secret Service agents and American Express to extort money from a Hollywood designer, ruining his life and career in the process … so says a new lawsuit.

The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star and two Secret Service agents are among those being sued by Chris Psaila, who claims Erika corrupted the agents and had them prosecute him over her claims that his costume company fraudulently charged her over $800,000.

Chris Psaila

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Psaila claims Erika gave him and his store, Marco Marco, permission to charge her card for costumes and services he designed, created and provided for her performances … and he says Erika’s estranged husband, Tom Girardi, was the account holder and she was an authorized user.

costumes designed for Erika Girardi

Psaila claims he started working with Erika in 2014 and everything was kosher until she falsely claimed Psaila had racked up $800k to $900k in fraudulent charges on her credit card from 2015 to 2016.

Psaila insists Erika got every piece of clothing and services from these charges.

In the docs, he claims Erika and Tom weaponized the Secret Service to maliciously prosecute him … believing the former couple bribed agent Robert Savage, then the head of Secret Service’s Los Angeles office, to criminally investigate Psaila and ultimately charge him with crimes.

Psaila also claims AMEX accepted Erika’s false statements of unauthorized charges and refunded Erika and Tom over $787k without giving the designer an opportunity to dispute her claims … and he says AMEX told the Secret Service Erika was a victim of his fraud.

rob savage

In his suit, Psaila claims Tom and Savage had a cushy relationship … and he says Savage had his own “history of falsely billing for advance Presidential location scouting trips” that eventually forced him out of the Secret Service.

Psaila claims Tom bribed Savage to investigate him by agreeing to represent Savage in a lawsuit against Volkswagen, while also promising to pay Savage $100k when the investigation in Psaila started.

The designer says Tom and Savage’s relationship was not disclosed when he was facing prosecution and says the criminal case against him was ultimately dismissed nearly 5 years after it started … but he says he suffered extreme emotional distress, financial harm to his business, plus extreme emotional, psychological, and physical injuries as a result of the ordeal.

Psaila is going after Erika, AMEX, Savage and others for at least $18.2 million.

We reached out to Erika, AMEX and Savage … so far no word back.

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