Shameless’ Tina Malone celebrates 25 years sober after drinking ’30-40 gins a day’

Tina Malone has opened up about her previous struggle with alcoholism.

The actress, who shot to fame as Mimi Maguire in the popular TV show Shameless, recently marked 25 years sober, having previously struggled with alcohol addiction.

In a previous appearance on Good Morning Britain, Tina, 60, shared that along with being alcohol-free for 25 years, she has also been drug-free for the last ten years.

And opening up about this milestone, she told Closer magazine: "My biggest vice was always the drink and now I'm 25 year sober. Do I miss it? No I don't." And back in 2014, she told the publication how bad her alcoholism had been at its worst.

She said: "In those days a typical night out for me would start off with a bottle of champagne at home while I was getting ready, then some spirits.

"I could put away 30 or 40 gin and tonics no trouble, half a bottle of brandy, a bottle of champagne, ten bottles of Beck’s…"

At first she had found it hard to come to terms with her addiction, especially as she didn't seem the stereotypical alcoholic, but after being warned about her alcohol consumption by a doctor she ended up attending AA meetings.

Tina has since opened up about replacing her alcohol addiction with food and recently appeared on Good Morning Britain, where she argued in favour of a "kebab curfew".

During the heated debate, she revealed that she ate "nothing but kebabs" while pregnant but has since made changes which have seen her shed 12st – though she does still struggle with craving sweet treats like chocolate.

She said: "As somebody who has always struggled with my weight having lost 12 stone and it's difficult in the current times we live in, the challenging times we live in.

"We all tend to look for different crutches. I think I am more likely to go in and get a sausage roll and the pasties – everything in moderation – if it's at the end of my road and it's open at 12 at night.

"It's like everything – I'm 25 years sober, 10 years drug free but if you have an addictive personality, if something is tempting you the more likely you are, especially in these difficult times."

And earlier this year, Tina Malone said she was "feeling sexy" after turning 60 and ditching booze. "It's a ripe old age and I look 40," the star said, before explaining that people often question her age and tell her that she "can't be 60" which she loves.

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