Inside Zara McDermott’s former website selling healthy eating plans for 26p

Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott get competitive

Strictly contestant Zara McDermott once had a website that sold healthy eating plans and lifestyle blogs for just 26p a day.

The project was unveiled on the 26-year-old’s Instagram account back in 2021, when she dressed in a branded apron printed with the words A Day With Zara.

The now-defunct website was a way for the Love Islander to share tips and techniques that would help them recreate her lifestyle, although she later had a change of heart, citing concern about “triggering” others.

“GUYS!!!! has officially LAUNCHED!” the excited star shared at the time.

“Check it out for all your healthy meal needs, ideas on what to cook, blogs from me about my experiences, amazing video content and step-by-step guides on how to make each meal!!”

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She then revealed that fans could subscribe “for only 26p per day”, adding: “Thank you guys so much for all the love so far and please go and check it out. It would mean the world to me [if you’d sign up]!”

Despite the low prices, not everyone was convinced, with one Instagrammer musing: “It would be good if you offered a look at it before you commit.”

That said, her initial post about it received more than 18,000 likes, as the star had already built up a post-Love Island following and regularly posted to share outfits and seaside bikini snaps.

Zara subsequently shared that, although she’d never been called fat in her life before entering the Love Island villa in 2018, she experienced vicious trolling after the show which saw her branded a “fat whale”.

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While promoting her documentary, Zara McDermott: Disordered Eating, she told viewers at a press screening: “I was told so many times I was fat and there’s a finite amount of times you can hear that before you actually start to believe it.”

Back in November 2020, the star used Instagram to document her weight loss, using a before photo dating back to 2019.

“The first pic of me was a girl who never exercised and ate whatever she wanted. She wasn’t unhappy or insecure about weight…but she knew that she needed to start exercising, eating more fruits and veggies and making wiser choices in order to be healthier,” Zara wrote.

However, she gradually decided that weight loss posts could be “triggering” to those going through eating disorders and scaled back.

Although she still enjoys posting fashion and swimwear snaps, the A Day With Zara website no longer exists, while her Facebook account promoting it hasn’t been updated in the past two years.

“I look back at my social media, especially on A Day With Zara a few years ago, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I was posting constant body checks!'” she recalled.

“You go through that little mental checklist in your head, and you think, ‘Right, am I posting this for myself because I want validation? If I’m doing that, is that really the right thing to post?’” Zara mused.

“That’s kind of the mental checklist I go through every day now.”

If you’re worried about your health or the health of somebody else, you can contact SEED eating disorder support service on 01482 718130 or on their website.

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