Lauren Goodger labelled an ‘inspiration’ in emotional fitness and parenting video

Lauren Goodger is an inspiration to her thousands of fans after posting an emotional video montage onto Instagram.

A year on from losing her newborn baby daughter Lorena, the theme of rebuilding punctuated the mum-of-one's clip, which was made up of gym workouts; moments with her daughter Larose, and old selfies.

The voiceover states: "She's seen her fair share of trials and heartache that would bring most people to their knees – not her, she maintains a peace about her that's otherworldly. She carries herself with grace yet holds fire behind her eyes."

Keen to share their support, the 36 year old ex-TOWIE personality received a wave of love in the comment section from fellow users, with one responding: "We turn our trauma into our armour to give us the strength to be stronger wear it with pride queen! Every day you are stronger than the day before xxx".

"I am starting again, it’s tough isn’t it. Thanks for the inspiration. Do it for our baby girls", "Goooooooo girl xxxxx" and "Inspiring to so many," read another trio of messages.

"You're doing so well", "You're my inspiration Queen keep shining xxx", "Smashing it xx", "Go on lass. I’m so proud of you and don’t even know you you’ve been through so much pain and still smash life well done girl" and "Just keep going great things are coming for you darling".

This comes after Lauren caught up exclusively with OK! to talk about her family's tragic loss.

"I can’t believe it’s been a year," she said last month. "It feels like it happened a few months ago, it’s only just sinking in now. It didn’t sink in for ages and I don’t think it fully has hit me at all.

"A lot went on around that time which blocked me from actually concentrating on the most important thing that happened. So going through certain things I went through at the time didn’t allow my brain to section things off what was going on. It was just a lot of trauma in one go. I was on autopilot. I moved house and I just didn’t ever sit still."

She then mentioned how this summer may have marked several massive milestones for Lorena, had she still been with us.

"It’s the little things, like she would be nearly walking, first words… and she’s not here. And to be honest, it’s hard for me, but it’s really hard because of Larose. It would be so nice if she had that little sister to play with.

"Lorena is up high [her ashes are on a shelf] – her hair, handprint, footprint, pictures, her little butterfly and there’s a picture of Larose and Lorena together that she can see, and she sometimes just stands there and says, 'Baby, baby.'

"I say, 'That’s your sister. Say, Lorena'. Obviously, she’s not at the age where she understands, but she will be soon. The more I say it, the more she will understand. That’s going to be a big thing for me, I’ve got to explain that Lorena’s not here."

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